4 Seaters

4 seater dining tables and chairs handmade with upcycled pine wood. uByld's classy rustic dining sets are crafted with love. Our tables are just the right size - to pass on that yummy sauce to your child at the other end of the table, for a bonding eating experience that brings friends and family together

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uByld Mazi - 4 Seater Dining
Ex Tax: Rs.15,503
uByld Mazi - Mazi (MAA-Ziy) in Greek means 'together' or 'family'. uByld's Mazi our 4 seater dining ...
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Plus - Space saving Coffee Table Set
Ex Tax: Rs.11,471
uByld Plus - Plus is a coffee table and stool set made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The stools can ...
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Etilon-  4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.14,607
Etilon: Made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The Dining set is amazingly tough, and lasts long. It is ...
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Mesmer-4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.14,670
Mesmer- Elegant and classic styleare displayed by this formal dining set. Ideal for kitchen or dinin...
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Ayana-4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.19,820
Ayana- This elegant looking set is perfect for your casual space. It brings the combination of class...
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Shelby-  4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.14,658
Shelby:It is made with 100% upcycled pine wood, can be used in both indoor and outdoor dining. This ...
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Quebec -4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.15,650
Quebec- Enjoy a cozy and relax meal with your family and friends with Quebec 4 seater dining set. It...
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Swaraa -  Ethnic 4 seater Diner with Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.15,236
Swaraa -Is an ethnic4 seater dining table set made with 100% upcycled wood. Like it's namesake, Swaa...
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Riga - 4 Seater designer dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.17,605
uByld RIGA- Riga is a beautifully handcrafted dining set made with 100% upcycled solid pine wood. Ri...
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Aura- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.16,694
Aura- Aura is a spacious and robust 4seater dining set for the family who loves to spend timeto...
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Prime- 4 seater dining
Ex Tax: Rs.16,581
Prime-Is a classic 4 seater dining set made with 100% upcycled wood, hand finished in a color of you...
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Abilene- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.18,355
Abilene-  Complete your dining room with this elegant dining set. Perfect for weekdays mea...
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Famiglia- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.15,500
Famiglia- Famiglia means Family in Italian. Famiglia is a beautiful dining set. It is robu...
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Magellan- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.18,430
Magellan-  Perfect for small gatherings. Invite family and friends over lunch or dinner and seat t...
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Reynal- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.17,280
Reynal-  Style your home with this beautiful dining set. It can be placed in both indoors and o...
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Enora- 4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.14,560
Enora-Enchance the look of your dining area with 4seater dining set.Perfect for weekdays meals and f...
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