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uByld Bacchus [pronounced "baa-kus"]
Ex Tax: Rs.1,962
Bacchus - a wine rack for the gods.Bacchus is built with the best upcycled oilrich pine wood. This r...
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uByld Vino
Ex Tax: Rs.1,128
Inspired by Italian rustic architecture, Vino is a tastefully designed wall hanging single wine bott...
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Almelo- Multipurpose wall shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Almelo- The elegant shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This shelf will be a grea...
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Lydock-Bar Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.14,800
Lydock-  Grab your bar tools and invite over some friends for a party. Set this bar cabinet to ...
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Blend Bar stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,289
uByld Blend-Blendis a stool.Blendhas a unique designwhere it is not like a normal stool but has a cu...
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Martini - A bar stool
Ex Tax: Rs.4,174
uByld Martini- Inspired by the classic Gin and Vermouth cocktail, Martini is made with thick slats o...
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