Modern furniture hand made by ace craftsmen with premium hand selected upcycled pine wood

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Athena Single
Ex Tax: Rs.8,800
Athena Single-is a luxurious and sturdy pre-assembled cot made with upcycled solid pine wood (no MDF...
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Cecellia Single with drawers
Ex Tax: Rs.12,300
Cecellia Single-  Save space while creating a cozy sleep environment with this classic bed. It ...
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uByld Picket Fence
Ex Tax: Rs.1,049
The uByld Picket Fence key holder has enough hooks to hold your home, car and bike keys. Moreover, i...
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Athena King
Ex Tax: Rs.14,280
Athena King-is a luxurious and sturdy pre-assembled cot made with upcycled solid pine wood (no MDF, ...
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Jarawa - Grand Vintage Trunk
Ex Tax: Rs.5,282
uByld Jarawa - uByld Jarawa Trunk/Chest is an ancient rustic looking slatted pre-assembled trunk, Ja...
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Riga- Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,218
Riga - It is elegant, stylish and sophisticated art of beautymade with 100% solid pine wood. The des...
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Sereno - Bedside Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,657
uByld Sereno Bed Side Table - uByld Sereno is a compact and strong ideal bedside table made with upc...
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uByld Booky
Ex Tax: Rs.2,000
uByld Booky is a neat little book caddy for your kids/living/bed/reception room. Booky has a huge ho...
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uByld Bubble
Ex Tax: Rs.1,560
uByld Bubble is a low stool built for balconies, living area and bedrooms. Bubble perfectly complime...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Com...
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uByld Cinnamon
Ex Tax: Rs.1,953
uByld Cinnamon - is a rusticjar/curio shelf made out the best upcycled solid pine wood. Our design i...
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uByld Cross Cut Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.1,930
The cross cut bench is a contemporary bench designed for kids and young adults The pieces on this be...
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uByld Ease
Ex Tax: Rs.1,969
uByld Ease,a rustic easy chair, is the perfect seat to catch up on that elusive relaxation time. Its...
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uByld Eiffel
Ex Tax: Rs.2,036
uByld Eiffel Inspired by the Eiffel tower the base on this long center table is reminiscent of the...
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uByld Heritage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,936
uByld Heritage - Is a classy colonial heritage shelf made of upcycled solid pine wood (with upcycled...
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uByld Janus ShoeStand
Ex Tax: Rs.2,848
uByld Janus - Janus(named after the Roman god of transition and beginnings) is a shoe and umbrella m...
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uByld Kratos
Ex Tax: Rs.2,464
uByld Kratos is a traditional slatted wooden highback chair made of premium upcycled Pine Wood. Name...
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uByld Lil Log - low chair
Ex Tax: Rs.1,081
uByld Lil Log is a sturdy low stool/seater made out of upcycled rich pine wood -perfect in a low se...
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uByld Luna
Ex Tax: Rs.1,586
uByld Luna Bedside Table : This beauty is named after the the goddess of the Moon and night Luna. ...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld Neptune
Ex Tax: Rs.2,417
uByld Neptune 3 Tiered Open Shoe RackuByld Neptune is a 3 tiered open shoe rack made of upcycled pin...
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