Bedside Tables

A decorative piece very handy to keep important items like medicines, books, alarm and lamp. Its 

made with upcycled solid pine wood


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Sereno - Bedside Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,657
uByld Sereno Bed Side Table - uByld Sereno is a compact and strong ideal bedside table made with upc...
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uByld Luna
Ex Tax: Rs.1,586
uByld Luna Bedside Table : This beauty is named after the the goddess of the Moon and night Luna. ...
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Aspire- The  Dressing Table
Ex Tax: Rs.13,657
Aspire- Simply classic, Aspire- The dressing tableis a great addition to your bedroom to create a pe...
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Roma- A Side table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,933
Roma-Roma is a side table.Roma looks like two level stool stacked up on top of another by this it wi...
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uByld Woods - Side Table
Ex Tax: Rs.3,447
uByld Woods- is our take on a traditional side table for your bedroom. Made with 100% solid upcycled...
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uByld Creek - A Side Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,082
uByld Creek- Creek is a versatile table - that can be used as a Side table/lamp table or even a stoo...
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Kohl- Side Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,587
Kohl-It is a classic and elegant side table for your bedroom. Made with 100% solid upcycled pine woo...
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Trend- Side Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,298
Trend-It is a trendy side table for your beautiful bedroom.It is robust and sturdy looking table. Ma...
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Armor- Bedside Table
Ex Tax: Rs.3,187
Armor-It issturdy and classic bedside table. It has two open shelvesfor keeping your bedroom essenti...
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