Happy Customer - Neetu

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"enjoyed it"

One of our early adopters - Neetu wrote to us about her experience with uByld Meadow and how she and her beautiful twins enjoyed bylding with uByld.. Read on

"I would like to say that I am very pleased with the purchase of uByld Meadow. My twin daughters and I worked together to build it. They helped in holding the shelf slabs correctly and in gluing. This is an easy piece to make with kids and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

My husband's books are always scattered around his bed and the side table was not enough to hold all. The uByld Meadow is perfect for the room as its sleek and compact. Takes less space and helps me keep the room tidy. "

Thanks a ton Neetu. We are so glad that our lil Meadow found a place at your place :-) I am sure your Hubby will soon run out of space for his books again...Two meadows would look great :-D

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