uByld's pre-assembled affordable Dining sets hand made by ace craftsmen with premium hand selected upcycled pine wood. 


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Camper - Outdoor Style 2 Seater
Ex Tax: Rs.5,660
uByld Camper 2 Seater - Camping reminds us of our favorite outdoors spots, trees, squirrely, yummy f...
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uByld Picket Fence
Ex Tax: Rs.1,049
The uByld Picket Fence key holder has enough hooks to hold your home, car and bike keys. Moreover, i...
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Famiglia - 6 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.19,944
uByld Famiglia - Famiglia means Family in Italian. We built this beautiful dining set, keeping an In...
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Famiglia Style Table
Ex Tax: Rs.7,792
Famiglia Table - is a standalone table. The large table can be used a dining table, a craft table or...
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Riga- Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,218
Riga - It is elegant, stylish and sophisticated art of beautymade with 100% solid pine wood. The des...
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Serenade - Dining Set
Ex Tax: Rs.9,553
uByld Serenade - Is a rustic solid wood 2 seater dining set hand made with upcyled solid wood and ha...
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uByld Bacchus [pronounced "baa-kus"]
Ex Tax: Rs.1,962
Bacchus - a wine rack for the gods.Bacchus is built with the best upcycled oilrich pine wood. This r...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Comb...
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uByld Mazi - 4 Seater Dining
Ex Tax: Rs.15,503
uByld Mazi - Mazi (MAA-Ziy) in Greek means 'together' or 'family'. uByld's Mazi our 4 seater dining ...
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uByld Elly
Ex Tax: Rs.3,150
uByld Elly DIY Kit Made with the best upcycled oil rich pine it is a system of rustic large tray she...
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Breach-A distressed Table
Ex Tax: Rs.12,287
Breach- A charming dining table with dual tone, dark walnut matte finished top and distressed bold w...
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uByld Stack n Stow crates
Ex Tax: Rs.2,195
uByld Stack and Stow is a set of two stackable fruit crates. Stack n Stowwith its rustic appeal is ...
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Plus - Space saving Coffee Table Set
Ex Tax: Rs.11,471
uByld Plus - Plus is a coffee table and stool set made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The stools can ...
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uByld Illusio
Ex Tax: Rs.1,346
uByld Illusio is a contemporary shelf - rendered rustic through the creative use of upcycled rich so...
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Etilon-  4 seater dining set
Ex Tax: Rs.14,607
Etilon: Made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The Dining set is amazingly tough, and lasts long. It is ...
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uByld Pablo
Ex Tax: Rs.1,841
uByld Pablo is a corner wall mounted shelf that converts wall corners to a chic cubist display/stora...
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uByld Madison
Ex Tax: Rs.3,420
uByld Madison is a 3 Tier large masterpiece of a utility shelf made with carefully selected solid pi...
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uByld Windsor
Ex Tax: Rs.1,176
uByld Windsor Is a coat rack to hang your jerseys, rain coats and your baseball caps. Hanging clothe...
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uByld Pisa
Ex Tax: Rs.2,575
uByld Pisa is a leaning ladder shelf that is spacious and laid back. With it's large shelves and sol...
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uByld Tao
Ex Tax: Rs.1,502
uByld Tao is a minimalist wall hanging shelf made with upcycled premium pinewood. With three two fee...
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uByld Horizon
Ex Tax: Rs.3,517
uByld Horizon - A picket based open book shelf that reaches for the sky. uByld Horizon is made with ...
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