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What is common between DIY and punk rock? Well, Just about everything!!

Punk rock, and the entire punk subculture, is essentially based on the DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic.

According to Wikipedia: 

The DIY ethic refers to the ethic of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. 

The phrase "punk rock" was originally applied to the untutored guitar-and-vocals-based rock and roll of United States bands of the mid-1960s such as The Standells, The Sonics, and The Seeds, bands that now are more often categorised as "garage rock". 

John Holmstrom, founding editor of Punk magazine, says that punk rock was "rock and roll by people who didn't have very [many] skills as musicians but still felt the need to express themselves through music".

Since its advent in the 1970s, punk rock music has inspired people with its attitude of freedom, self-expression and creativity. The punk subculture, which manifested itself in music, arts, fashion, literature, politics questioned the individual’s dependence on existing social norms, establishments and structures, etc. and encouraged the idea of embracing one’s inner creative spirit, acting and taking responsibility for that action, becoming independent.

The DIY ethic inherent in the punk subculture can be applied to practically anything – from creating your music album in your garage to growing your vegetable garden, from repairing your bicycle to building your own home furniture!

And we at uByld uphold this DIY and punk spirit of taking matters into our own hands, quite literally so ;-)

Be a DIYer, be a rock star!

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