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A curated collection of DIY furniture kits that you can try. These are easy DIY projects for the beginner, that can be assembled in under 60 minutes,intuitive designs and awesome satisfaction to build them

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uByld Picket Fence
Ex Tax: Rs.1,049
The uByld Picket Fence key holder has enough hooks to hold your home, car and bike keys. Moreover, i...
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uByld  Buzz
Ex Tax: Rs.1,099
uByld Buzz Is it a plane? Is it a shelf? It's a "Plane"Old Shelf! :-). Add a touch of excitement,...
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uByld Arabica
Ex Tax: Rs.1,139
COLOR CARD: Arabica in the product picture is done up in a Light Walnut finish. You have 7 othe...
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uByld Babylon
Ex Tax: Rs.2,235
uByld Babylon is a 18 pot vertical planter named after the city that had the famous hanging gardens....
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uByld Bacchus [pronounced "baa-kus"]
Ex Tax: Rs.1,962
Bacchus - a wine rack for the gods.Bacchus is built with the best upcycled oilrich pine wood. This r...
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uByld Bloom
Ex Tax: Rs.1,666
A coffee table that brings the essence of pinewood into your living spaces -be it a balcony, living ...
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uByld Bodhi
Ex Tax: Rs.1,817
uByld Bodhi - uByld Bodhi is an elegantcorner table made from premium upcycled pine wood. With its s...
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uByld Booky
Ex Tax: Rs.2,000
uByld Booky is a neat little book caddy for your kids/living/bed/reception room. Booky has a huge ho...
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uByld Brew
Ex Tax: Rs.1,318
BREW MUG RACK is perfect to show off your coffee/tea mugs. BREW when assembled comes with a black bo...
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uByld Bubble
Ex Tax: Rs.1,560
uByld Bubble is a low stool built for balconies, living area and bedrooms. Bubble perfectly complime...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Comb...
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uByld Cinnamon
Ex Tax: Rs.1,953
uByld Cinnamon - is a rusticjar/curio shelf made out the best upcycled solid pine wood. Our design i...
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uByld Cross Cut Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.1,930
The cross cut bench is a contemporary bench designed for kids and young adults The pieces on this be...
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uByld Daisy
Ex Tax: Rs.1,946
uByld Daisy Made with upcycled oil rich pine wood Daisy is a shelf that will sit perfectly in your b...
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uByld DogBed
Ex Tax: Rs.3,937
uByld Dog Bed - Spacious and sturdy made with 100% upcycled solid pine wood for your pooches. This w...
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uByld Ease
Ex Tax: Rs.1,969
uByld Ease,a rustic easy chair, is the perfect seat to catch up on that elusive relaxation time. Its...
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uByld Eiffel
Ex Tax: Rs.2,036
uByld Eiffel Inspired by the Eiffel tower the base on this long center table is reminiscent of the...
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uByld Eleganza - Console Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,053
uByld Eleganza Console table kit allows you to put together a sleek and rustic console table within ...
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uByld Empire
Ex Tax: Rs.2,012
uByld Empire is an all purpose rustic table made with upcycled premium pinewoodthat is equally funct...
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uByld Floater
Ex Tax: Rs.1,330
uByld Floater: Bring the barista in you alive with Floater. Floater is the tea and coffee station in...
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uByld Gaia 1x1
Ex Tax: Rs.1,210
uByld Gaia 1x1 is a square foot planter that looks mindblowing. Pronounced a 'Guy-ah' Gaia is the G...
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