uByld EzKrate - Crate on wheels
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uByld EzKrate - Crate on wheels

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Coming soon in 3D


  • Use the color guide below to select the COLOR FINISH (just above the ADD TO CART button)
  • Varnish/Touchwood renders a glossy and smooth finish over the stain. Varnish/Touchwood seals the stain and makes the wood weather/UV proof 
  • The colors in the palette are to give you an approximate idea of the shade. As it's a handmade product, the actual product color may vary (a couple of shades darker and with some gloss where there is varnish).

 - Do not keep in direct sunlight or rain
 - Do not sit on EzKrate - allthough it's very strong, it's not made to take shifting weight
 - Do not allow kids to use EzKrate as a trolley/vehicle. This could result in an injury
 - Do not keep hot objects on the surface as it might spoil/dent the polish


uByld EzKrate - Is an all purpose crate on wheels with a myriad of uses. Made with 1.25 inch thick solid pine wood, EzKrate is robust in design and build.

EzKrate can be used -
- in your child's playroom to store away soft toys, board games, coloring books and more
- in your kitchen to store a sack of provisions
- in your reading room to store books and cart it to your reading corner
- in your living room with a pot as a chic planter on wheels
EzKrate has four caster wheels and two handles that allow you to pull it to any location in your home



  • LENGTH: 21 Inches
  • WIDTH: 21 Inches
  • HEIGHT: 21.75 Inches
  • WEIGHT: 12 Kgs

COLOR: EzKrate here is done in a rich Dark Mahogany Red color. You have 8 different shades to choose from to suit your decor. Pick the raw version if you want to decoupage or paint it yourself and extend the fun

- uByld EzKrate is an easy DIYproject. uByld EzKrate in under 50 fun filled minutes. Byld this one and have loads of fun while uByld.

What is in your EzKrate DIY Kit? :

  • Pre-drilled wooden components which are marked with stickers for assembly
  • Screws/bolts
  • Screwdriver/Spanner
  • uByld's easy to follow instructions
  • Link to a 3D model that would help you see the product from all perspective

DONT HAVE THE TIME FOR DIY? If you are in Bangalore - choose the "vByld - Pre-assembled " option above the "Add to Cart" Buttonfor delivery to your doorstep.

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