Grow Boxes

Who says that Organic Terrace Gardening should not be aesthetic. Just like you, we've used old paint buckets, discarded containers and pretty much anything to grow our food on our terraces but then we thought why not make aesthetic containers out of upcycled heat treated and chemical free pine wood. We set our RnD team to it and we present the Gaia range of grow boxes to serve just this need. 

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uByld Gaia 1x1
Ex Tax: Rs.1,210
uByld Gaia 1x1 is a square foot planter that looks mindblowing. Pronounced a 'Guy-ah' Gaia is the G...
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uByld Gaia 2 x 1
Ex Tax: Rs.1,543
uByld Gaia 2x1 is a two square foot planter to make a mini garden of your own. Pronounced as 'Guy-a...
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