uByld kids range of seating kits include simple benches, stools and recliners to make play and study uber comfortable

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Riga- Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,218
Riga - It is elegant, stylish and sophisticated art of beautymade with 100% solid pine wood. The des...
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uByld Cross Cut Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.1,930
The cross cut bench is a contemporary bench designed for kids and young adults The pieces on this be...
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uByld Explorer - Children's Study Set
Ex Tax: Rs.7,131
uByld Explorer- is study set crafted exclusively for kids - to explore creativty, learn and make awe...
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uByld Sol - Entryway Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.3,647
uByld Sol - Sol named after the sun god, is an entryway bench made with solid upcycled pine wood. Th...
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uByld Thinker
Ex Tax: Rs.1,368
uByld Thinker-Go ahead and practice your Thinking posture, inspired by Rodin's Thinking Man this sma...
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Roma- A Side table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,933
Roma-Roma is a side table.Roma looks like two level stool stacked up on top of another by this it wi...
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Daffodil - an entryway storage bench
Ex Tax: Rs.11,499
uByld Daffodil- Designed by our designer Lavanya Ravishankar, aclassyentryway storage bench made wit...
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Roxanne- Set of 2 entryway storage benches
Ex Tax: Rs.16,700
Roxanne- Welcome home these entryway storage benches made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Roxanne is f...
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Relaxo- A Comfortable arm chair
Ex Tax: Rs.5,809
Relaxo -A Comfortable arm chair is a relaxing low chair that resembles the designs of uByld's e...
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Curvys Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.5,271
uByld Curvys - Curvys bench works as a seating arrangment at your hallway,living room and also a tab...
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Ballet - A mesmerising bench
Ex Tax: Rs.5,642
uByld Ballet -is a mesmerising bench that will look classy and modern at the same time in your house...
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Vian- A Unique set
Ex Tax: Rs.7,819
Vian includes3 unique chairs and a rustic table. Vian is designed to catch up on elusiverelaxation t...
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Omex- 3 seater with a table
Ex Tax: Rs.8,165
Omex has 3 unique chairs and a slated lowtable for the perfect look.Omexis designed to catch up on e...
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Onis- Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,132
Onis- It is a low seating stool made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Onis is ideal for seating around ...
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Ultra- Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,124
Ultra- It is made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Ultra is a low seating stool. It is compact and easy...
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