uByld DIY Kits for the kitchen. Be it a simple tray that can be assembled in 15 minutes to our creative chai station or our sophisticated Bacchus - wine rack, we have it all here for you. uByld kits give you oodles of fun in an activity with your family and friends that results in something productive - a functional piece of furniture at the cheapest rates. uByld kitchen furniture kits are the perfect gift options for the young professional, the intrepid engineer or the new married couple across the lobby.


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uByld Picket Fence
Ex Tax: Rs.1,049
The uByld Picket Fence key holder has enough hooks to hold your home, car and bike keys. Moreover, i...
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uByld Arabica
Ex Tax: Rs.1,139
COLOR CARD: Arabica in the product picture is done up in a Light Walnut finish. You have 7 othe...
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uByld Bacchus [pronounced "baa-kus"]
Ex Tax: Rs.1,962
Bacchus - a wine rack for the gods.Bacchus is built with the best upcycled oilrich pine wood. This r...
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uByld Brew
Ex Tax: Rs.1,318
BREW MUG RACK is perfect to show off your coffee/tea mugs. BREW when assembled comes with a black bo...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Comb...
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uByld Cinnamon
Ex Tax: Rs.1,953
uByld Cinnamon - is a rusticjar/curio shelf made out the best upcycled solid pine wood. Our design i...
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uByld Empire
Ex Tax: Rs.2,012
uByld Empire is an all purpose rustic table made with upcycled premium pinewoodthat is equally funct...
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uByld Floater
Ex Tax: Rs.1,330
uByld Floater: Bring the barista in you alive with Floater. Floater is the tea and coffee station in...
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uByld Heritage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,936
uByld Heritage - Is a classy colonial heritage shelf made of upcycled solid pine wood (with upcycled...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld PoGo
Ex Tax: Rs.2,713
uByld PoGo A double decker toy storage bin made of hand selected upcycled pinewood - is designed to ...
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uByld Quadro
Ex Tax: Rs.1,310
uByld Quadro Is a table top cutlery caddy with four spacious compartmentsto hold your knives/forks/s...
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uByld Savanna
Ex Tax: Rs.3,663
uByld Savanna - is a Multi-tiered shelving system made from premium upcycled pinewood, that's great ...
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uByld Strings
Ex Tax: Rs.1,571
uByld Strings - is a suspended Ropebathroom shelf made of upcycled pinewood for the dry area in your...
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uByld Thinker
Ex Tax: Rs.1,368
uByld Thinker-Go ahead and practice your Thinking posture, inspired by Rodin's Thinking Man this sma...
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uByld Troika
Ex Tax: Rs.1,438
uByld Troika is a set of 3 rustic trays that you would love to have in your home. Imagine the awe wh...
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uByld uTray
Ex Tax: Rs.1,009
uTray is a clever and simple tray assembly system, it take less than 15 minutes to put it together. ...
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uByld Vino
Ex Tax: Rs.1,128
Inspired by Italian rustic architecture, Vino is a tastefully designed wall hanging single wine bott...
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uByld Elly
Ex Tax: Rs.3,150
uByld Elly DIY Kit Made with the best upcycled oil rich pine it is a system of rustic large tray she...
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uByld Jeeves
Ex Tax: Rs.2,984
uByld Jeeves - Jeeves (named after the famous character by Wodehouse) is a Dinner Wagon that would c...
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uByld Stack n Stow crates
Ex Tax: Rs.2,195
uByld Stack and Stow is a set of two stackable fruit crates. Stack n Stowwith its rustic appeal is ...
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