Oscar - work desk
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Oscar - work desk

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  • Use the color guide below to select the COLOR FINISH (just above the ADD TO CART button)
  • Varnish/Touchwood renders a glossy and smooth finish over the stain. Varnish/Touchwood seals the stain and makes the wood weather/UV proof 
  • The colors in the palette are meant to give you an approximate idea of the shade. As it's a handmade product, the actual product color may vary (a couple of shades darker and with some gloss where there is varnish).


Pre-assembled furniture. No assembly required.
Care instructions:

  • Do not keep hot vessels on the surface
  • Blot away any spills 
  • Do not drop heavy objects on the surface

uByld Oscar- Is a simple clean cut writers/work table hand crafted with select upcycled pinewood. Named after our favorite poet Oscar Wilde, the famous poet, sculptor and painter, the table measures - 4 feet in length, 2 feet in width and 30 inches in height. The table has a 7 inch deep drawer on the right to stowaway your papers, writing instruments and other accesories that tend to clutter your creative space.

The design, with its long solid wood beams, screams a rustic charm and brings a warm glow to your creative corner.
Buy this table for a neat, clean, woody and clutter free work/writers desk and bring your creative ideas to life




NOTE:Oscaris made with multiple slats of solid wood which are placed next to each other. This would result in small gaps of less than a quarter inchon the surfaces which addsarustic look tothe Desk.


Color: The table pictured here is done up in a DarkWalnut Wood shade.. Also available in several other shades.



  • Height - 30 Inches/2.5 feet
  • Width - 24 Inches/2 feet
  • Length - 48 Inches/4 feet
  • Drawer
    • 7 Inches height
    • 10 inches length
    • 21 inches depth/width


- This pre-fixed study desk table is available only for Delivery in Bangalore
- Delivery time is 15 working days from the time of the order
- Oscar study deskcomes pre-assembled so do ensure that it will fit into your doorways, passageways and lifts.
- Delivery is free upto the 1st floor of a residence. Each added floor thereupon would be charged at 100 Rs at the time of the delivery if the table has to be carried manually

uByld's furniture is Eco friendly, we don't cut new trees for wood instead we upcycle wood into a higher purpose and create works of art that you can cherish a lifetime. Buy upcycled

Poetry - If you haven't read Wilde - heres one of his simple beauties titled 'IN THE FOREST'

Out of the mid-wood's twilightInto the meadow's dawn,Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,Flashes my Faun!He skips through the copses singing,And his shadow dances along,And I know not which I should follow,Shadow or song!O Hunter, snare me his shadow!O Nightingale, catch me his strain!Else moonstruck with music and madnessI track him in vain!
Length 48 INCHES/4 FEET
Width 24 INCHES/2 FEET
Height 30 INCHES/2.5 FEET
Weight 20 Kgs

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