uByld chair kits range from the simple four legged chair to easy chair to the adirondack outdoor chairs. uByld in is seating line of kits also feature novel benches like the Thinker and crosscut. In essence of true DIY, all our uByld chair kits can be assembled in under 90 minutes flat and is great fun to assemble

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Riga- Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,218
Riga - It is elegant, stylish and sophisticated art of beautymade with 100% solid pine wood. The des...
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uByld Bubble
Ex Tax: Rs.1,560
uByld Bubble is a low stool built for balconies, living area and bedrooms. Bubble perfectly complime...
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uByld Cross Cut Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.1,930
The cross cut bench is a contemporary bench designed for kids and young adults The pieces on this be...
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uByld Ease
Ex Tax: Rs.1,969
uByld Ease,a rustic easy chair, is the perfect seat to catch up on that elusive relaxation time. Its...
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uByld Eiffel
Ex Tax: Rs.2,036
uByld Eiffel Inspired by the Eiffel tower the base on this long center table is reminiscent of the...
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uByld Kratos
Ex Tax: Rs.2,464
uByld Kratos is a traditional slatted wooden highback chair made of premium upcycled Pine Wood. Name...
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uByld Lil Log - low chair
Ex Tax: Rs.1,081
uByld Lil Log is a sturdy low stool/seater made out of upcycled rich pine wood -perfect in a low se...
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uByld Robusta
Ex Tax: Rs.2,210
uByld Robusta DIY kit- is a side table made with overlapping planks of upcycled pine wood to make a ...
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uByld Sol - Entryway Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.3,647
uByld Sol - Sol named after the sun god, is an entryway bench made with solid upcycled pine wood. Th...
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uByld Thinker
Ex Tax: Rs.1,368
Go ahead and practice your Thinking posture, inspired by Rodin's Thinking Man this small bench, Thin...
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uByld Timber - Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.1,676
uByld Timber Stool - Timber is made with thick well grained upcycled solid beams of pine wood. Timbe...
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Daffodil - an entryway storage bench
Ex Tax: Rs.11,499
uByld Daffodil- Designed by our designer Lavanya Ravishankar, aclassyentryway storage bench made wit...
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Relaxo- A Comfortable arm chair
Ex Tax: Rs.5,809
Relaxo -a Comfortable arm chair is a relaxing low chair that resembles the designs of uByld's ease ....
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Curvys Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.5,271
uByld Curvys - Curvys bench works as a seating arrangment at your hallway,living room and also a tab...
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Ballet - A mesmerising bench
Ex Tax: Rs.5,642
uByld Ballet -is a mesmerising bench that will look classy and modern at the same time in your house...
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Onis- Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,132
Onis- It is a low seating stool made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Onis is ideal for seating around ...
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Ultra- Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,124
Ultra- It is made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Ultra is a low seating stool. It is compact and easy...
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