uByld range of shelves are the most simplistic zenlike multipurpose shelves that can be used anywhere from your kitchen, living room and gardens. Assembled under 20 minutes, these are one of our most fullfilling range of kits for the DIY enthusiast

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uByld Brew
Ex Tax: Rs.1,318
BREW MUG RACK is perfect to show off your coffee/tea mugs. BREW when assembled comes with a black bo...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Comb...
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uByld Cinnamon
Ex Tax: Rs.1,953
uByld Cinnamon - is a rusticjar/curio shelf made out the best upcycled solid pine wood. Our design i...
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uByld Daisy
Ex Tax: Rs.1,946
uByld Daisy Made with upcycled oil rich pine wood Daisy is a shelf that will sit perfectly in your b...
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uByld Floater
Ex Tax: Rs.1,330
uByld Floater: Bring the barista in you alive with Floater. Floater is the tea and coffee station in...
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uByld Heritage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,936
uByld Heritage - Is a classy colonial heritage shelf made of upcycled solid pine wood (with upcycled...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld Savanna
Ex Tax: Rs.3,663
uByld Savanna - is a Multi-tiered shelving system made from premium upcycled pinewood, that's great ...
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uByld Strings
Ex Tax: Rs.1,571
uByld Strings - is a suspended Ropebathroom shelf made of upcycled pinewood for the dry area in your...
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uByld Elly
Ex Tax: Rs.3,150
uByld Elly DIY Kit Made with the best upcycled oil rich pine it is a system of rustic large tray she...
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uByld Jeeves
Ex Tax: Rs.2,984
uByld Jeeves - Jeeves (named after the famous character by Wodehouse) is a Dinner Wagon that would c...
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uByld Pablo
Ex Tax: Rs.1,841
uByld Pablo is a corner wall mounted shelf that converts wall corners to a chic cubist display/stora...
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uByld Madison
Ex Tax: Rs.3,420
uByld Madison is a 3 Tier large masterpiece of a utility shelf made with carefully selected solid pi...
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uByld Dorste - Side Table Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,141
uByld Droste - Droste is a multipurpose furniture, it can be used as a bedside table to comfortably ...
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uByld Angolo - Corner Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,610
  uByld Angolo Angolo is 'a corner' in Italian. With uByld Anogolo, turn an unassuming corne...
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uByld Brooklyn - Rustic Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,301
uByld Brooklyn Brooklyn - named after the famous Brooklyn bridge in New York city is a multi-purpose...
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Almelo- Multipurpose wall shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Almelo- The elegant shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This shelf will be a grea...
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Lysia- Multi utility shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.9,800
Lysia- Add this multi utility shelf to your living room, bedroom, study or office. Space-saving...
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Chancery- Kitchen Pantry
Ex Tax: Rs.16,400
Chancery-  This product will add lots of utility and charm to your home. Tall and lofty, this c...
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Brigade - A kitchen storage unit
Ex Tax: Rs.9,453
vByld Brigade- A kitchen storage unit. Why the name Brigade? Brigade is taken from the Restaurant te...
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Oxford - a book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,403
vByld Oxford- A Book Shelf. Oxford is named after the oxfords dictionary where you get all the Vocab...
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