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uByld Booky
Ex Tax: Rs.2,000
uByld Booky is a neat little book caddy for your kids/living/bed/reception room. Booky has a huge ho...
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uByld Cascade
Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
uByld Cascade A living planter shelf - was inspired by a tiny waterfall in an evergreen forest. Comb...
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uByld Cinnamon
Ex Tax: Rs.1,953
uByld Cinnamon - is a rusticjar/curio shelf made out the best upcycled solid pine wood. Our design i...
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uByld Heritage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,936
uByld Heritage - Is a classy colonial heritage shelf made of upcycled solid pine wood (with upcycled...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld Savanna
Ex Tax: Rs.3,663
uByld Savanna - is a Multi-tiered shelving system made from premium upcycled pinewood, that's great ...
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uByld Shlok -  Ornate corner shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,496
uByld Shlok is a 4 tiered ornate corner shelf that uByld. Shlok (from the Sanskrit word Shloka) is m...
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uByld Elly
Ex Tax: Rs.3,150
uByld Elly DIY Kit Made with the best upcycled oil rich pine it is a system of rustic large tray she...
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uByld Illusio
Ex Tax: Rs.1,346
uByld Illusio is a contemporary shelf - rendered rustic through the creative use of upcycled rich so...
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uByld Pablo
Ex Tax: Rs.1,841
uByld Pablo is a corner wall mounted shelf that converts wall corners to a chic cubist display/stora...
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uByld Madison
Ex Tax: Rs.3,420
uByld Madison is a 3 Tier large masterpiece of a utility shelf made with carefully selected solid pi...
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uByld Dorste - Side Table Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,141
uByld Droste - Droste is a multipurpose furniture, it can be used as a bedside table to comfortably ...
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uByld Angolo - Corner Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,610
uByld Angolo Angolo is 'a corner' in Italian. With uByld Anogolo, turn an unassuming corner of your ...
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uByld Brooklyn - Rustic Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,301
uByld Brooklyn Brooklyn - named after the famous Brooklyn bridge in New York city is a multi-purpose...
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uByld Horizon
Ex Tax: Rs.3,517
uByld Horizon - A picket based open book shelf that reaches for the sky. uByld Horizon is made with ...
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uByld Houder - DIY Table top Book Holder
Ex Tax: Rs.1,886
uByld Houder - Houder is a DIY portable table top rustic book holder made of 100% upcycled wood. Hou...
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uByld Pine Tree Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.1,235
uByld Pine Tree Book shelf is a minimalist shelf that is an abstract image of the pine tree. With fo...
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Almelo- Multipurpose wall shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Almelo- The elegant shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This shelf will be a grea...
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Artyon- Ladder shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,400
Artyon- Add this multi utility ladder shelf to your garden, living room, bedroom, study or offi...
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Durgan- Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.11,700
Durgan- An elegant piece of furniture to systemize your collection of books and magazines. Tall and ...
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Flynn- Multi utility shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Flynn- The elegant close cabinet shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This sh...
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