uByld storage kits for kids are designed to be assembled easily in under 60 fun filled minutes. We recommend that kids, under supervision ofcourse, are involved in the uByld activity to create a sense of ownership and to develop motor and logical skills

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uByld Booky
Ex Tax: Rs.2,000
uByld Booky is a neat little book caddy for your kids/living/bed/reception room. Booky has a huge ho...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld PoGo
Ex Tax: Rs.2,713
uByld PoGo A double decker toy storage bin made of hand selected upcycled pinewood - is designed to ...
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uByld Savanna
Ex Tax: Rs.3,663
uByld Savanna - is a Multi-tiered shelving system made from premium upcycled pinewood, that's great ...
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uByld EzKrate - Crate on wheels
Ex Tax: Rs.3,466
uByld EzKrate - Is an all purpose crate on wheels with a myriad of uses. Made with 1.25 inch thick s...
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Zephyr Sideboard
Ex Tax: Rs.16,800
Zephyr- The style of this furniture makes perfect fit for any room in your house, whether it be for ...
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Biblio- A book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,621
vByld Biblio- Biblio is a book shelf to keep your collections of book you have a read.Biblio means b...
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Cleo- The Blue Cupboard
Ex Tax: Rs.16,621
vByld Cleo- The blue Cupboard. Cleo means Fame,Pride orGlory which is a greek prefix.Cleo is a Vinta...
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Zinnea Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.3,876
vByld Zinnea- Zineais named after an American plant of the dais damily, which is widely cultivated f...
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Mammoth - a large storage unit
Ex Tax: Rs.14,114
uByld Mammoth- is a large storage unit made with 100% solid upcycled wood. Mammoth has two cabinets ...
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Krate- A Utility Box
Ex Tax: Rs.3,120
Krate- It is made of 100% upcycled pine wood. It is a container to keep your essentials handy. It ca...
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