uByld's signature style of designing and building results in beautiful rustic yet classy looking affordable furniture for your study room. Made with 100% upcycled solid pine wood that is sustainable and has a low environment impact.

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Coral - Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.9,350
uByld Coral - A contemporary book shelf handmade made with upcycled pine wood. uByld Coral is remnis...
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Hackstation I
Ex Tax: Rs.5,286
Hackstation comes pre-assembled and is delivered only within Bangalore.uByld Hackstation - A simple,...
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Oscar - work desk
Ex Tax: Rs.5,538
OSCAR IS PRE-ASSEMBLED ANDAVAILABLE ONLY IN BANGALOREuByld Oscar- Is a simple clean cut writers/work...
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uByld Explorer - Children's Study Set
Ex Tax: Rs.7,131
NOTE:Explorer is made with multiple slats of solid wood which are placed next to each other. This wo...
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uByld Heritage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,936
uByld Heritage - Is a classy colonial heritage shelf made of upcycled solid pine wood (with upcycled...
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uByld Kratos
Ex Tax: Rs.2,464
uByld Kratos is a traditional slatted wooden highback chair made of premium upcycled Pine Wood. Name...
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uByld vDesk
Ex Tax: Rs.1,980
uByld vDesk - In this age of cramped spaces and multi-utility, we bring you a concept of truly trans...
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Kosong - Minimalist Clutter Free Desk
Ex Tax: Rs.5,818
uByld Kosong - Kosong is Javanese for straight lines. Kosong plays on minimalisim and decluttering b...
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Breach-A distressed Table
Ex Tax: Rs.12,287
Breach- A charming dining table with dual tone, dark walnut matte finished top and distressed bold w...
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uByld Illusio
Ex Tax: Rs.1,346
uByld Illusio is a contemporary shelf - rendered rustic through the creative use of upcycled rich so...
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uByld Tao
Ex Tax: Rs.1,502
uByld Tao is a minimalist wall hanging shelf made with upcycled premium pinewood. With three two fee...
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Wilson- Work desk
Ex Tax: Rs.8,769
Wilson: Bring home the sleek and stylish Wilson work desk and transfer the apperance of yourroom viz...
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Libero- Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.16,600
Libero: A rustic and a sturdy looking bookshelf just perfect for your study or your office.It i...
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Meander -  Greek work desk
Ex Tax: Rs.10,412
Meander - Large work desk. As the name suggets, Meander is long and narrow. We designed it as a long...
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Anson- Small table
Ex Tax: Rs.5,800
Anson- It is a small multipurpose table which can be used as dining table or a study table. It ...
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Anson- XL table
Ex Tax: Rs.7,200
Anson- Multipurpose table which can be used as dining table or a study table. It works for both...
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Artyon- Ladder shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,400
Artyon- Add this multi utility ladder shelf to your garden, living room, bedroom, study or offi...
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Durgan- Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.11,700
Durgan- An elegant piece of furniture to systemize your collection of books and magazines. Tall and ...
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Lysia- Multi utility shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.9,800
Lysia- Add this multi utility shelf to your living room, bedroom, study or office. Space-saving...
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Ivey- Work Desk
Ex Tax: Rs.4,851
Ivey- Add classic touch to your office or home with this Ivey work desk. Compact in design, it is id...
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Octave- An Executive table
Ex Tax: Rs.7,873
Octave- The ideal working desk is perfect for home and offices. It is stylish and sturdy.Made with 1...
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