Standalone Multipurpose tables that can be used for dining / craft or as a large workdesk

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uByld Bodhi
Ex Tax: Rs.1,817
uByld Bodhi - uByld Bodhi is an elegantcorner table made from premium upcycled pine wood. With its s...
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uByld Eleganza - Console Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,053
uByld Eleganza Console table kit allows you to put together a sleek and rustic console table within ...
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uByld Empire
Ex Tax: Rs.2,012
uByld Empire is an all purpose rustic table made with upcycled premium pinewoodthat is equally funct...
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uByld Nikola
Ex Tax: Rs.2,287
uByld Nikola A rustic center table is inspired by the famous all wooden church in a Russian town cal...
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uByld Picnic
Ex Tax: Rs.1,981
uByld Picnic is a nifty little rustic table made of rich upcyled solid pin wood - is reminiscent of ...
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uByld Pride
Ex Tax: Rs.3,438
uByld Pride Crate Center tableis a clever, extremely sturdy and contemporary table that is made of f...
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uByld Robusta
Ex Tax: Rs.2,210
uByld Robusta DIY kit- is a side table made with overlapping planks of upcycled pine wood to make a ...
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Roma- A Side table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,933
Roma-Roma is a side table.Roma looks like two level stool stacked up on top of another by this it wi...
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uByld Vegas - Corner Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,734
uByld Vegas - Is a versatile table that can be used as a corner/center or a lamp table. Vegas, built...
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uByld Lantern - Corner Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,185
uByld Lantern- Lanterns were traditionally made of silk, paper with frames made of bamboo or wood in...
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Infinity- A square table
Ex Tax: Rs.3,200
Infinity- It is an elegant piece of art created by our ace craftsmen. Made with 100% upcycled pinewo...
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uByld Prima - a square table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,028
uByld Prima -Prima is a compact square center table made wtih 100% upcycled solid pine wood. With it...
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Aldric- A center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,489
Aldric- A classic center table, it brings timeless elegance to any conversation space. It is made wi...
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Newdale- Center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,213
Newdale- A rustic center table, it brings timeless elegance to any conversation space. It is made wi...
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Anson- Small table
Ex Tax: Rs.5,800
Anson- It is a small multipurpose table which can be used as dining table or a study table. It ...
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Anson- XL table
Ex Tax: Rs.7,200
Anson- Multipurpose table which can be used as dining table or a study table. It works for both...
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Martini - A bar stool
Ex Tax: Rs.4,174
uByld Martini- Inspired by the classic Gin and Vermouth cocktail, Martini is made with thick slats o...
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Vida - Table
Ex Tax: Rs.6,965
Vida - Vida in Sanskrit means 'Inspire'. A truly inspired design made with 100% upcycled pine wood. ...
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Ferris - A Patterned Round Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,821
uByld Ferris:Ferris is a Patterened Round table.Ferris looks beautiful and has a beautiful design th...
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Primo- Center table with stool
Ex Tax: Rs.5,100
Primo-  Add this essential set, It is truely a bold addition to your living room. It is mo...
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Aneko- An Entryway table
Ex Tax: Rs.5,860
Aneko- It is simplechic addition to your entryway or hallway, it'sa clean lined console tableto disp...
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