The week so far - 2015-May-09

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Update from the workshop

What a ride its been! It's been the ultimate DIY experience for us with conceptualizing uByld, RnD, improvement, pre-beta test and the beta launch of a week ago. 

And what an awesome launch its been - with over 500 likes in 1 week, orders pouring in every single day, curious potential customers calling/whatsapping/texting us. It's been great, we tell ya!! 

No - It's not been all smooth sailing for us :
 - Our site got blocked on fb because of a bug; we wrote to trendMicro (who promptly certified us as a safe site), we wrote to our site hosts and we even wrote to Mark (yes Mark Zuckerberg).  It took us about 3 days but the links to our site from facebook are working just fine and allowing you to hop to from seamlessly. 
 - Power crisis - We've had a tough week with unsched power cuts at our workshops. We lost some time but we made good with sheer determination from our craftsmen

On the positive side
 - We re-negotiated our shipping rates with our logistics provider and were able to pass on the benefits straight to you

 - We shipped out multiple order every single day..ain't that great? (Our most sought out designs contine to be Bloom, Urbana and Bacchus)
 - We have recieved positive feedback from each one of you. We've realized what we hoped for all throughout - Every uByld kit has brought happiness to little families, friends and neighbors (we even had a customer calling in to say that his kid wanted to undo the whole kit and put it back together). For some of you, it was a much needed de-stresser. For some, it was an excercise in curiosity and well satisfied if i might add and for some bylding from our kits was too easy :-). We love you all
 - We build some neat stuff for Pretty Patio. (Psst!! If you guys need an awesome garden or balcony - give these guys a call)
 - We've had a couple of media houses evince interest in our story

 - We've had one of the best startup mentors in Blore (also a great friend) calling us to advice us
 - We've had an expert on Internet and SEO evaluating our site and shining the torch for our road ahead - all pro-bono. 

 - Best of all we've made friends in all our customers
- Our craftsman Manish even made a small little toy for his daughter. That was the coolest..

The weeks ahead:
 - We continue to service your orders
 - We iron out minor wrinkles in our process
 - We heed your feedback and start rolling in your suggestions
 - We innovate to produce atleast 4 new exciting designs next week
 - And yes, the founder team is running the TCS 10K in Bangalore with our families. Wave at us - we'll see you at the finish line! 

Stay connected with us, like our page, drop a mail. Together with you - vByld "uByld".

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