uByld Lantern - Corner Table
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uByld Lantern - Corner Table

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Delivery In: In DIY Mode as a kit - Across India || In Pre-Assembled Mode - BANGALORE ONLY
Dispatched In: 12-15 Working Days (MONDAY-FRIDAY)
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Coming soon in 3D

  • Use the color guide below to select the COLOR FINISH (just above the ADD TO CART button)
  • Varnish/Touchwood renders a glossy and smooth finish over the stain. Varnish/Touchwood seals the stain and makes the wood weather/UV proof 
  • The colors in the palette are to give you an approximate idea of the shade. As it's a handmade product, the actual product color may vary (a couple of shades darker and with some gloss where there is varnish).

Lantern is a fun DIY 'byld' project that can assembled in under 30 minutes. We highly recommend that you call in your spouse, your kids or your best friend to help you build Lantern. uByld Happiness - as we like to call it :-)

uByld Lantern- Lanterns were traditionally made of silk, paper with frames made of bamboo or wood in ancient China. uByld's Lantern is an ode to the simpler life, a life where the light cast by a lantern sufficed. uByld Lanternis made with solid upcycled pine wood. We intend our Lantern to function as a unique corner table or a small center/accenttable, reminding us of the rustic, earthy simple pleasuresof life.

Lantern is built with solid wooden slats, placed with a signature spacing to create a rustic look

DIY (Do It Yourself):
Lantern is an easy 'byld' project with a combination of pre-assembled components that have to be put together using the instructions and the tools in the DIY furniture kit.

See Size chart as below

COLOR: Lantern here in the picture is done in a DarkWalnut coolor with a Matte finish. We have over 8 other beautiful wood stains and several dual tone combinations available. Choose the RAW variant if you'd like to paint or decoupage it on your own

Whats in my DIY Kit?

Everything you'd ever need to 'byld'Lantern:
Pre-drilled and finished wooden components that are marked with helpful cue stickers
Friendly instructions in color
A smart link to an online 3D model that would help you visualize Lanternin 3D

- DIY Kit is delivered across India
- Pre-assembled Lanternis delivered only in Bangalore
- Cash on Delivery Available
- Time to deliver 10-15working (Mon-Fri) days


Upcycling is a process where objects/material is reused to create a product of higher value and quality.
Upcycled pine wood is a pine wood handpicked from european pallets - planed, sanded and hand crafted to a beautiful designer furniture that lasts forever. Pine wood is a beautiful weather resistant wood that has beautiful character with rich grains and knot wood.
Upcycled pine is a great choice for the environment conscious buyer - using upcycled wood furniture reduces de forestation, cutting down of plantation and fruit orchards. It's a beautiful way to have beautiful sustainable furniture at your home ?

Difficulty EASY
Time to Assemble 30 MINUTES
People required 1-2
Length 15 INCHES
Width 15 INCHES
Height 16.5 INCHES
Weight 10 KGS

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