Bros bond with a uByld DIY project

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Abhishek Pandit

My brother and I had just moved into a new flat. We stared at vapid, white walls and resolved to turn this house into a home. This wasn't just for our own sake.  We needed a flatmate for the extra room we had available. And we weren't going to get one without posting pictures of a furnished and cosy apartment. 
But we faced two major challenges. First crunch- bachelor budget. Second,  we lived on the 3rd floor- without a lift and reachable only by a narrow staircase. After we placed our ad, the initial interest from several folks fizzled out as soon as they visited the flat. Four months passed like this. We lost hard-earned money on rent for an empty room we had never used. We thought we'd hit a dead end.

Then a colleague recommended UByld. The premise of a portable DIY kit instantly resolved both our issues.  Using the Meadow Bookcase, plants and some of my paintings, we were able to attract a lot of eyeballs on online Flatmate-searching sites. And this time, they loved the house even when visiting. One finally moved in. Even after that, we received several compliments for our sleek library.  

Flatmate problems aside, setting up the bookcase itself was a slightly challenging but fun experience. I don't consider myself the most engineering- savvy guy around. But with helpful instructions and strategically placed stickers, assembling the parts becomes a fun puzzle to solve. Definitely an engaging evening for bros to bond.
I would highly recommend uByld as a great functional decoration strategy for the budget conscious, especially in Bangalore's concrete jungle. And if you have any friends suffering from the same issues that I did, there really couldn't be a better gift. 

From the content editor's desk - 

Abhishek Pandit, a DIY enthusiast and an excellent writer is one of our early customers at uByld. A big huge thank you for taking the time out to pen your experience with uByld. Keep the DIY ethos going strong ; Meanwhile, reviews such as yours keep us going :-) 

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