Turning a house into a home - Aprajita & Aalok

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A few months ago we at uByld were approached by this wonderful couple Aprajita and Aalok who asked us to design and 'byld' exclusive furniture for their new home in Bangalore. The designs selected by them (both designers from NID), were quirky and Bohemian but yet high on the utilitarian scale.

We took up the assignment, rendered some of the designs in 3D and then got around to bylding the set. Our craftsmen Anil, Manish and the team loved making the furniture sets; Our master polishmen - Ravi, Sandeep and their team did a great job in applying layers of stain, coat and paint. The result looked truly fantastic at our factory, but at the customer's home - with A & A's personal touch to the design and placement, the furniture looks absolutely stunning.

To us, the decor resembles a sunny Greek seaside cottage, wood and painted/distressed furniture creating a perfect bright ensemble that has truly made a home of their house.  

Here's what Aprajita had to say: 

"..I really wanted to show you, how your team work has helped us put together our small lovely house and turn it into a home where we love to stay.I am sharing few of the pics to show the glimpse of our house.

Once again thanks a lot and kudos to the team :)
Aprajita & Aalok"

We are stoked. Have a look at their home and see how furniture made with upcycled pine wood brings warmth and beauty. 

1. The Bedroom - with the uByld Jarawa and a custom Clothes rack that resembles a ladder

Bedroom with a custom clothes rack and the uByld Jarawa

2. The Bedroom with a view of the Cot - The cot was a large cot built to resemble pallets placed together and an extra large headboard

3. The Living Room - with the uByld Bohemia seater set

4. Custom build Faux(false) window with a dual tone distressed blue and light walnut finish with the uByld Pisa in the far corner 



We love the dreamy decor in the bedroom but really love what's been done with the Faux (false) window wall decor element. 

It was great having you as our clients Aalok and Aprajita. We wish you the very best and loads of happiness at your new home. 


Mail us at maker@ubyld.com if you'd like us to made some 

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