uByld Tiny Talks
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uByld Tiny Talks

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  • Use the color guide below to select the COLOR OPTION (just above the ADD TO CART button)
  • Varnish/Touchwood renders a glossy and smooth finish over the stain. Varnish/Touchwood seals the stain and makes the wood weather/UV proof 
  • Raw finish indicates that the wood is sanded thrice (in 3 different grits) to render a smooth finish 
  • The colors in the palette is to give you an approximate idea of the shade. As it's a handmade product, the actual product color may vary (a couple of shades darker and with some gloss where there is varnish)
  • If you'd like to paint your Tiny Talks- then buy the RAW version. Use Exterior water based Emulsion paints (small sample paint boxes are available for < 200 Rs in various shades).  Water based emulsion dry quickly and are easier to paint than the oils or acrylic. 


Tiny talks is made up of 10 pieces and in 60 minutes uByld a creative spot for your kid.  Get your kids to join you in building tiny talks..don't let them handle the sharp screws though. Join your kid, reclaim a little bit of your childhood and help her decorate the dollhouse you've put together for her. Paint the walls, make little dollhouse furniture with cardboard, magazine cuttings or stickers..endless fun.
Tiny Talks goes great with our magic blocks.

For detailed instruction refer the How To guide in your uByld kit

Every little girls dream and pride is to own a doll house. This colorful dream doll house is designed to allow two kids to play at the same timelot's of fun, you see!
Tiny talks has three floors to fuel your kids imagination. When not in active use, Tiny Talks doubles up as toy/book shelving in your kids room

Why should you buy a doll house ( statements from our customers):

  • It's a great activity for the parent and child to do (uByld strongly suggests:Ensure that you arepresent at all time while uByld Tiny Talks with your children - kit contains sharp screws and a sharp screwdriver and will need absolute undivided supervision)
  • Buidling doll houses creates lasting postive memories
  • "We've had a great time putting together Tiny Talks. We took it a step further - bought our own paint and painted it
  • Once the child outgrows the Tiny Talks - Use it as a book shelf



uByld Tiny Talks, in the first picture is done up in the Rosewood shade.

The other pictures depict Tiny Talk when it's painted. (we have discontinued the painted option and we'd rather encourage you to buy the paints in your local hardware store and spend time with the kids in painting it).If this is what you want to do then choose the RAW FINISH Variant

There are 7 other variant to match your interiors. 



  • Length: 26.25 inches
  • Height: 34.5 Inches
  • Width: 7 Inches (Housing) - 14 Inches base (for added stability)

What does the kit have?

  • Pre-drilled Wood (no drilling required)
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Guide

Ecofriendly furniture that uByld

Pssst...drop us an email and tell us if you would want us to throw in a few small cut pieces of wood into the kit for free. You could paint small pillows, sheets or make it into minature tables and chairs using the leftover glue. Doll house furniture you see :-)



Don't have the time to DIY? We now have av-Byldoption for you - Our team builds it at our workshop and ships it to your doorstep. Choose the vByld option above the Add to cart buttonif you would like a ready made option of Tiny Talks

Difficulty Medium
Number of Pieces 10
Time to Assemble 60 minutes
People required 1-2

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