uByld upcycling process

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With lotsa love..read on

  • We select the best pine wood from our vendors
  • Based on the wood, our design team explores design feasibility, renders the 3D models to test structure and DIY integration
  • Once the 3D design is approved, ops passes it on to our craftsmen and takes their feedback in making the best "DIY fit" kit out of the design
  • Instructions are created on the computer by our graphics artist and designers
  • Craftsmen create the kit and test it for soundness
  • Dis-assembly team stickers the products with helpful sticker cues (makes it easier than the simplest jigsaw puzzle) and packs the piece into protective packaging
  • The packages reach you when you order from uByld.com and you have an amazing experience while uByld
  • The best upcycling route which touches multiple people - designers, carpenters, printers and eventually you
  • It doesn't stop there, for every 25 pieces that we sell, we plant a fruit yielding tree and nurture it
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