Comparison between Solid Wood, Upcycled Wood and MDF

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An indepth comparison between Solid Wood, Upcycled Wood and MDF



The uByld Way


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HOW IS IT MADE? Solid wood comes from legally(when sourced ethically) sourced from plantations OR worse - unethically sourced from forests (destroying life and habitat) Comes from NON chemically treated Euro pallets from Sweden (and other EU countries). We tender these importers and procure our wood. The wood is sourced from ethically purpose grown fast growing pine plantations across Europe Human made with sawdust and waste from timber processing units. Dust is compressed with chemically intensive bonding agents and resins under pressure
Fancily called Engineered Wood!!
(H I G H)
N O N E 
You do good by upcycling
(H I G H)
DURABILITY Furniture made of natural wood is strong, reinforced by nature in all it's wisdom Up-cycled solid wood is the same as virgin solid – strong and resilient MDF furniture, because it's man made is not the most durable material to be used for heavy duty furniture like Chairs, Cots, Dining Tables and study tables
MAINTENANCE Solid wood furniture is resilient and requires very little maintenance. Any signs of wear can be sanded off and retouched easily. If left alone - it just adds character to the furniture as a mark of time Same characteristics as solid wood. Upcycled wood brings a rare aged warmth and charm to your living spaces Flat packed MDF furniture requires maintenance every couple of months. Because the board comprises of powder - the screws and accessories loosen up and needs periodic tightening. Continued usage of loose furniture further weakens the joints rendering your furniture useless in a couple of years
BEAUTY Solid wood furniture has character, with a vibrant grain that shows the ageing of the wood
The natural grain on the wood is a like a fingerprint, rendering each piece unique
Upcycled wood has the same characteristics of Natural wood. The fact that it's upcycled bring pride in ownership of 100% guilt free furniture MDF furniture looks artificial - with printed veneers, laminates - the look is manufactured and does NOT exhibit the natural beauty of the wood grain
APPRECIATION Appreciates in value 

Beautifully crafted Solid wood furniture like we make at uByld appreciates in value and beauty over time. 

Now add the up-cycled element to your furniture and you can take all the guilt associated with cutting down a brand new tree. Our up-cycled solid wood furniture is made by our ace craftsmen with ethically sourced wood (From pine plantations of pallet companies) and with love crafted into a piece that you'd cherish forever

Furthermore - once you make something on your own with our DIY Kits. The pride of ownership adds a whole new dimension in value

Damage from normal usage results in defacing MDF furniture. You'll be all too familiar with chipped laminates, bloated boards and scratched surfaces that cannot be repaired. You end up dumping your furniture into landfill, where the resins enter soil and water again. Get the drift? MDF is uncool
CHEMICALS Depends on the treatment uByld's up-cycled Pine wood is HEAT TREATED and KILN DRIED. The natural oils in Pine makes the wood borer resistant. Pine by nature does not encourage termites as a first choice of food MDF normally contains Volatile Organic Compounds and binding agents that are not the best things to be associated with Kitchens, Children's furniture, Dining sets and so on
MOISTURE IMPACT Depends on the wood. Wood is more resistant to water than MDF, Ply and particle board Heat treatment and a rich oil content in our pine wood does not allow the wood the warp or bend MDF furniture soaks up moisture and tends to expand
AFFORDABILITY Expensive Very Affordable (just take a look at our prices) 
All other characteristics remain the same as solid wood
Cheaper than Wood but more expensive than Up-cycled wood  
uByld's mastercraftman – Manish Speaks: Go with solid wood but only when it's ethically sourced (from plantations). Wood like teak, Mahogany from old forests are built on the homes of flora and fauna. Choose wisely uByld is the best option available in the market for ecofriendly furniture. Up-cycling takes  available material and drive's it up the value chain. Rebirth and a second life. Prevents waste from going to landfills. 
Reduce, re-use, re-purpose. 
At uByld we only use upcycled wood
If you have the choice(and you do!) stay away from MDF. For me it's common sense not to spend truck loads of money on something that is not going to last, is maintenance intensive and does not look that great!!



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