Chairs and Stools

Standalone Chairs and stools made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Affordable, robust and sturdy.

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Europa - Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,226
Europa - The Europa is a contemporary chairmade with 100% solid wood. The design is modern, with a s...
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Mazi- Solid Wood Rustic Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,164
Mazi Rustic Solid wood chair is made with 100% solid wood. The design is in line with our rustic ran...
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Nonna - Rocking Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.6,605
uByld Nonna - A rocking chair - hand craftedwith rich hand selected upcycled pine wood,is a rustic r...
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Riga- Solid Wood Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,218
Riga - It is elegant, stylish and sophisticated art of beautymade with 100% solid pine wood. The des...
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uByld Kratos
Ex Tax: Rs.2,464
uByld Kratos is a traditional slatted wooden highback chair made of premium upcycled Pine Wood. Name...
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uByld Robusta
Ex Tax: Rs.2,210
uByld Robusta DIY kit- is a side table made with overlapping planks of upcycled pine wood to make a ...
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uByld Sol - Entryway Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.3,647
uByld Sol - Sol named after the sun god, is an entryway bench made with solid upcycled pine wood. Th...
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uByld Timber - Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.1,676
uByld Timber Stool - Timber is made with thick well grained upcycled solid beams of pine wood. Timbe...
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HackPacker - 2 seater Japanese Low diner
Ex Tax: Rs.9,099
Hackpacker - Hackpacker is a low dining/work table arrangement made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Wi...
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Vida -Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.3,943
Vida - Vida in Sanskrit means 'Inspire'. A truly inspired design made with 100% upcycled pine wood. ...
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Roma- A Side table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,933
Roma-Roma is a side table.Roma looks like two level stool stacked up on top of another by this it wi...
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Derby- Classic Wooden stool
Ex Tax: Rs.1,900
Derby- This stool is very versatile and made with 100% upcycled pinewood. Light weight stool ea...
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Feliciano  - Comfortable Box Chair
Ex Tax: Rs.6,509
Feliciano - Feliciano in Italian means Happy/Lucky and Prosperous. With it's comfy, robust build, th...
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Siesta - An antique recliner
Ex Tax: Rs.8,946
Siesta Recliner - Seista as the name suggests,is a comfortable recliner/lounge bed where you can rel...
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StepUp-  Multipurpose stepper
Ex Tax: Rs.3,200
StepUp- Made with 100% upcycled pine wood, not only is this step stool strong and reliable but ...
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Relaxo- A Comfortable arm chair
Ex Tax: Rs.5,809
Relaxo -a Comfortable arm chair is a relaxing low chair that resembles the designs of uByld's ease ....
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Blend Bar stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,289
uByld Blend-Blendis a stool.Blendhas a unique designwhere it is not like a normal stool but has a cu...
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Martini - A bar stool
Ex Tax: Rs.4,174
uByld Martini- Inspired by the classic Gin and Vermouth cocktail, Martini is made with thick slats o...
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Vian- A Unique set
Ex Tax: Rs.7,819
Vian includes3 unique chairs and a rustic table. Vian is designed to catch up on elusiverelaxation t...
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Omex- 3 seater with a table
Ex Tax: Rs.8,165
Omex has 3 unique chairs and a slated lowtable for the perfect look.Omexis designed to catch up on e...
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Onis- Low Stool
Ex Tax: Rs.2,132
Onis- It is a low seating stool made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Onis is ideal for seating around ...
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