Shoe Cabinets

Our range of solid wood handcrafted shoe storage, cabinets and benches made with solid upcycled pine wood and rendered to perfection by our polish masters. Unique designs, fully customizable. Contact us if you'd like us to make a 100% customized shoe storage for you 

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Katzer - An entryway storage  bench
Ex Tax: Rs.10,900
Katzer-  A Classy storage bench is an additional essential to your entryway. It can accomodate ...
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uByld Janus ShoeStand
Ex Tax: Rs.2,848
uByld Janus - Janus(named after the Roman god of transition and beginnings) is a shoe and umbrella m...
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uByld Neptune
Ex Tax: Rs.2,417
uByld Neptune 3 Tiered Open Shoe Rack uByld Neptune is a 3 tiered open shoe rack made of upcycled...
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uByld Sol - Entryway Bench
Ex Tax: Rs.3,647
uByld Sol - Sol named after the sun god, is an entryway bench made with solid upcycled pine wood. Th...
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Daffodil - an entryway storage bench
Ex Tax: Rs.11,499
uByld Daffodil- Designed by our designer Lavanya Ravishankar, aclassyentryway storage bench made wit...
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Ellian- Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.14,600
Ellian- Neatly store your shoes in an organized manner with these Ellian- Shoe caninet. Perfect...
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Ermont- Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.6,219
Ermont- Organize your shoe collection in style with ermont shoe cabinet. This shoe ca...
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Roxanne- Set of 2 entryway storage benches
Ex Tax: Rs.16,700
Roxanne- Welcome home these entryway storage benches made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Roxanne is f...
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Stella- Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.4,500
Stella-  Stow shoes in the entryway with this essential cabinet, featuring four shelves wi...
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Stuber- Shoe cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.16,800
Stuber- Neatly store your shoes in an organized manner Perfect for families and people who have a fe...
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Zelda- Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.6,200
Zelda- Organize your shoe collection in style with zelda shoe cabinet. This shoe cabinet h...
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Happy Feet - J Shaped Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.14,749
Happy Feet is a shoe cabinet made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The design of Happy Feet is a stroke...
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Colossus -Shoe Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.13,403
vByld Colossus - named after the Statue of the Colossus of Rhodesis an an extra large Shoe Cabinet w...
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Mammoth - a large storage unit
Ex Tax: Rs.14,114
uByld Mammoth- is a large storage unit made with 100% solid upcycled wood. Mammoth has two cabinets ...
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Kimber- An Entryway bench
Ex Tax: Rs.13,890
Kimber- Is an elegant piece of art. It has storage cabinets to offer ample space for all the items, ...
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