Coffee Tables

Tables for your home from our vByld range of ready made Coffee and Center tables. AVAILABLE IN BANGALORE

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Grande - Crate Table
Ex Tax: Rs.5,586
uByld Grande - uByld Grande is the ready-made (pre-assembled) grand version of our most popular uByl...
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uByld Bloom
Ex Tax: Rs.1,666
A coffee table that brings the essence of pinewood into your living spaces -be it a balcony, living ...
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uByld Nikola
Ex Tax: Rs.2,287
uByld Nikola A rustic center table is inspired by the famous all wooden church in a Russian town cal...
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uByld Pride
Ex Tax: Rs.3,438
uByld Pride Crate Center tableis a clever, extremely sturdy and contemporary table that is made of f...
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Plus - Space saving Coffee Table Set
Ex Tax: Rs.11,471
uByld Plus - Plus is a coffee table and stool set made with 100% upcycled pine wood. The stools can ...
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uByld Cyprus - Coffee Table
Ex Tax: Rs.2,920
uByld Cyprus Is an ornate slatted low center table that is reminiscent of tea cafes in the middle e...
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Olive - Rustic country center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,699
Olive Center Table - Olive center table is inspired by country furntiure - reminiscent of large oliv...
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Aldric- A center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,489
Aldric- A classic center table, it brings timeless elegance to any conversation space. It is made wi...
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Newdale- Center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,213
Newdale- A rustic center table, it brings timeless elegance to any conversation space. It is made wi...
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Mosaic - Artistic Center table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,973
Mosaic - A herring bone mosaic patterned centertable made withe 100% upcycled wood. Mosaic is carefu...
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Brookes- Coffee Table set
Ex Tax: Rs.8,620
Brookes- Innovate your Living space with this contemporary rectangular shape coffee table with two b...
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Amani-Coffee Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,956
Amani-This coffee table is a great fit for your modern simple lifestyle. It has large table top.It f...
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Cantone- An Entertainment unit
Ex Tax: Rs.5,913
uByld Cantone-is an Entertainment unitmade with 100% upcycled pine wood.It is autility TV stand...
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Ferris - A Patterned Round Table
Ex Tax: Rs.4,821
uByld Ferris:Ferris is a Patterened Round table.Ferris looks beautiful and has a beautiful design th...
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Granada- A Rustic CenterTable
Ex Tax: Rs.4,699
Granada- Granada Is named afterthe capital city of the province ofGranada, in the autonomous communi...
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