Fortuna - King Size Platform Cot
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Fortuna - King Size Platform Cot

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Not Available in 3D

  • Use the color guide below to select the COLOR OPTION (just above the ADD TO CART button)
  • Varnish/Touchwood renders a glossy and smooth finish over the stain. Varnish/Touchwood seals the stain and makes the wood weather/UV proof 
  • Raw finish indicates that the wood is sanded thrice (in 3 different grits) to render a smooth finish 
  • The colors in the palette is to give you an approximate idea of the shade. As it's a handmade product, the actual product color may vary (a couple of shades darker and with some gloss where there is varnish).


  • Wipe clean to remove dust
  • Do not use solvents/detergents etc to clean
  • The headrest is attached at your home to the cot. The cot is designed in a manner where the headrest has to be always propped against a wall for maximum durability

Fortuna- King Size Platform Cot - 'Fortuna' is named after the Roman goddess of Fortune. uByld's Fortuna a rendition of a platform bed. The platform bed tends to accentuate the mattress and brings in ledge space along the three sides of the cot.The wide ledges on the edges are curvy and this can be used to keep your books, glasses, a cup of coffee , the ledge also doubles up as a little bench - to change shoes on, or just have a conversation.


uByld Fortuna is the most affordable solid wood platform bed in the market.





The cot is designed for a king size mattress of 78 inches x 72 inches (length x width)

Fortuna measures 84 inches in length [Platform- 6 inches], 90 inches in width [Platform- 6 inches + 6 inches+ 6 inches] and 12 inches at mattress level and 30 inches at the headrest.


vByld Fortuna is completely pre-assembled and is available on order only in Bangalore. Please do ensure that a cot of this size can fit into your room, stairway, entryway before order. Do send us an email if you have any questions before you order. FREE SHIPPING a




The Fortuna here in the picture is done up in Dark Walnut with a glossy effect.Please see color guide below for other stain variants to make your choice in any other color.




Please read these points before ordering Fortuna
- Available only in Bangalore
- Ensure that the passageways, stairways, doors and room can accomodate the large cot
- Do let us know if you stay above 1st Floor - as we'd need additional people to carry the cot to your home. The charges for this would be extra and would have to be paid during delivery

Length 84 inches
Width 78 inches
Height 12 inches 30 inches(headrest)

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