Artistic, solid  wood ready made shelves made of ecofriendly upcycled pine wood

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uByld Picket Fence
Ex Tax: Rs.1,049
The uByld Picket Fence key holder has enough hooks to hold your home, car and bike keys. Moreover, i...
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Coral - Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.9,350
uByld Coral - A contemporary book shelf handmade made with upcycled pine wood. uByld Coral is remnis...
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Greeko - Greek styled Console Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,965
uByld Greeko Is a Greek styled general purpose shelf that'd look great in living room, bed room or y...
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uByld Meadow
Ex Tax: Rs.1,945
Shelving cannot get simpler than our Meadow book shelf! Meadow - a minimalistic sleek shelf is desig...
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uByld Madison
Ex Tax: Rs.3,420
uByld Madison is a 3 Tier large masterpiece of a utility shelf made with carefully selected solid pi...
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uByld Tao
Ex Tax: Rs.1,502
uByld Tao is a minimalist wall hanging shelf made with upcycled premium pinewood. With three two fee...
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Libero- Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.16,600
Libero: A rustic and a sturdy looking bookshelf just perfect for your study or your office.It i...
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Almelo- Multipurpose wall shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Almelo- The elegant shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This shelf will be a grea...
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Artyon- Ladder shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,400
Artyon- Add this multi utility ladder shelf to your garden, living room, bedroom, study or offi...
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Durgan- Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.11,700
Durgan- An elegant piece of furniture to systemize your collection of books and magazines. Tall and ...
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Flynn- Multi utility shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200
Flynn- The elegant close cabinet shelf is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This sh...
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Lysia- Multi utility shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.9,800
Lysia- Add this multi utility shelf to your living room, bedroom, study or office. Space-saving...
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Ophelia- Stylish console table
Ex Tax: Rs.6,800
Ophelia- Welcome home this charismatic console table. Made with 100% upcycled pine wood. It features...
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Harvest - Farm style Crate Shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.12,557
uByld Harvest- Is a farm house style crate shelf that looks rustic and elegant. The design, inspired...
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Mehigan-Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.13,800
Mehigan- It features two close cabinets, seven open shelves and two drawers. It can be pla...
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Suzette-Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,939
Suzette-This bookshelf has an elegant style that adds aclassytouch to a contemporary home decor. It ...
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Odile- 3 tier Cabinet
Ex Tax: Rs.6,280
Odile- Bring home a classy and chic looking utility shelff or convienient storing.It can be kept alm...
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Lagoon- A Book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.4,300
Lagoon-This book shelf is a classic furniture. It features five open shelves. It can be placed ...
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Biblio- A book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,621
vByld Biblio- Biblio is a book shelf to keep your collections of book you have a read.Biblio means b...
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Brigade - A kitchen storage unit
Ex Tax: Rs.9,453
vByld Brigade- A kitchen storage unit. Why the name Brigade? Brigade is taken from the Restaurant te...
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Oxford - a book shelf
Ex Tax: Rs.5,403
vByld Oxford- A Book Shelf. Oxford is named after the oxfords dictionary where you get all the Vocab...
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