All our wood is recycled pine wood from European pallets. This kind of wood, with its yellow or red hues, has a rich grain and knotty characteristics. Our pine wood is recycled from responsibly sourced pallets.

As our wood is recycled, you'll notice the occassional knot hole or leftover nail holes or minor cracks. This just adds to the character of the wood and is not a defect.

Pine is one of the fastest growing woods and the cultivated forest are replanted when the wood is harvested. Since we give a second everlasting life by way of upcycling, we believe that we are contributing positively to the environment.

Heck, we don't make a big deal of it, but for every 25 uByld kits that we sell, we plant a tree  - usually nesting or fruiting trees to encourage the local fauna and the kids (we want them to climb our trees and pluck their fruits :-D). We are crazy that way!! (Psst: we are a little behind in our commitment, although we've planted over 180 trees already - in Bangalore and in Wayanad)

We procure and work with only safe pine wood. Our pine wood, at source, is not chemically treated. The only treatment it undergoes at source is that of Heat Treatment and Kiln Drying, which is, as the names suggests, is non chemical. Our upcycled lumber is certified IPPC HT KD (International Plant Protection Convention - Heat Treated and Kiln Dried).

Once we procure the wood, we clean, plane and sand off the top layer for an extra clean look. Based on the design, some of our uByld pieces are stained and coated with  PU. PU when matured is one of the safest inert man-made products (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds).

Our RnD team is working on a process to bring 100% organic finishes with no VOC but that remains a challenge in India due to the rarity and cost of such finishing material. In keeping with principles of DIY, we might just teach you how to safely finish your uByld pieces yourself! Choose our Raw Finish products for a cheaper rate and apply your own stains.

See the answer above for safety information. Most of our kits are easy peasy to byld, and it's our intention that the whole family comes together to put a uByld DIY kit together. So, yes, our kits are kid and pet friendly! However, all our kits contain sharp objects like screws, screwdriver and accessories. Be wise and make sure that the kids are kept away from these. If you wish your kids (recommended age > 8) to assemble a kit, then please allow them to do so only under supervision! The rule of DIY is to first wear gloves and protective eye wear (not included in the kits).

Also don't allow your kids and pets to chew on the pieces in the kits - it would damage the pieces and, like all wood, might leave a splinter. Use common sense and don't leave screws lying around with their pointy edges upwards.

Pine wood is naturally rot resistant, weather resistant and borer resistant. However, the wood ages faster due to the interaction of the wood with the UV rays from our beautiful sun. Our testing and observation has shown that the wood takes on a darker hue on exposure to elements (without compromising the structural integrity). As a result, some of the polish (if your kit is polshed) fades away. All you have to do is sand the polish layer and apply a fresh coat of Touchwood PU, or just enjoy the weathered look (distressed and aged look in home decor is currently in vogue).

About 30 minutes for most pieces. Some of the more complicated pieces, such as the vDesk, take about 90 minutes for two people. It's deliberate, so that you get to exercise those grey cells with your building partners and have fun. If you think it's too easy, just mail us and ask for a bespoke piece with no pre-drilled screw holes and we'll be glad to oblige. Better yet, check out our lumber packs - with these you can make anything!

The screw holes on all our kits are layered with plastic plugs - there is a fair amount of effort and pressure that you have to put in to drive the screws in. This is normal, take a break and get back to it. This tightness makes the unit sturdier once you finish. 

We at uByld use only upcycled pine wood for our DIY and pre-fixed range of furniture. Upcycled wood comes with it's constraints, we do not get large slabs/sheets of wood that we can upcycle. We decided to accept this challenge and yet come up with awesome designs while working within this constraints. It's been awesome and our designs speak volumes. All the surfaces are made with slats of wood that we do not attempt to join them together but just place them next to each each other. This results in a beautiful rustic look with approximately < 0.25 inch gaps between the slats.  Our dining tables, table tops, desks, book shelves all follow this principle. If the gaps on a dining table are a concern please let us know and we'll can send along(at an additional price) a clear glass top (made to measure) - the glass top would look great and still bring out the rusticity of the table. 

Absolutely not! All our kits come with everything you need - a screwdriver, (when required a spanner) Fevicol and helpful cues. We do have raw wood/lumber panels and pieces on offer for the hardcore DIYers, and to make something out of those you would need a hand saw or a drill gun. Let us know if you want to buy these, and we can arrange for a good deal for you.

Hmmm... the idea is to encourage DIY (Do It Yourself) and get you to build something on your own, remember? But if you are pressed for time, please opt for the vByld option above the 'Add - To - Cart' button and we'll send over a preassembled version (available only in Bangalore). This facility is not available outside Bangalore, unless you pay for our ticket and stay :-P What say?

We love you too! Contact maker@uByld.com for your order and we'll do it for you at a special price

We do not offer customized branding at the moment. However, we've got some nifty ideas to make your corporate gifts/gifts stand out. Contact us and we'll let you know 

Sorry, we can't do a customized shade or stain at the moment. However, we can ship a raw piece, planed and sanded, with no stain. We could also ask our master woodworker to throw in a few tips if you let us know what you want.

Encouraging affordable DIY furniture via the use of upcycled wood remains our primary objective. We created vByld - where we pre-assemble and deliver the DIY unit OR the exclusive lineup of vByld - based on customer requests. We understand that some of us are too busy but still want to adopt upcycled wood and thus was born vByld. vByld range is available only in Bangalore for the moment. Do call us at +91 98457 36237 if you have any questions


Not yet. But it's our intention that a uByld product is available to every earnest DIYer, and we are in talks with several friendly retailers to host our kits. Do speak to your local retailer and ask them to reach out to us.

Gee, that's a toughie! You see, our factories are busy places with a lot of our masters working hard to make uByld products. At the moment, we don't have a factory tour in place, but send us an email at maker@uByld.com and we'll see if we can work something out. 

In any case, you'll find us at all major craft and DIY events in Bangalore - Kitsch Mandi, Sunday Soul Santhe, flea markets, Oota from your Thota... Do visit our stall! If you know of a specific event or if you host an event where you think uByld.com would bring value and encouragement, then send a mail to maker@uByld.com and we'll be sure to make it - just for you.

UPDATE: We now have a brand new uByld Experience Center located near Manyata Tech Park, Thanisandra/Nagara.

Our address:

#61, Anam Enclave, 3rd Main, Thanisandra, Bangalore - 77 

Landmark: Take the first right after Kanti sweets on Thanisandra main road and follow the road to the Anam Enclave layout. 

We'd really appreciate if you could call us at +91 98457 36237 to give us a headsup of about 60 minutes about your arrival. We'll make sure that we are around to meet you



Yes, it is. Our kits are made from upcycledwood, so there could be two kinds of holes:

  1. Small nail holes: These are from the pallets that they were recovered from. We ensure that the holes are minimal and do not effect the structure of the resulting end furniture
  2. Knot holes: These are nothing but the holes that arise naturally in pine due to lateral branch growth. The world over, this is considered as a desired quality in wood, as it imparts the wood a distinct character that MDF or plyboard furniture lacks.

Did you know? The Japanese, known for having an eye for the natural, deliberately seek out furniture with knot wood!

A bent or warped piece in the kit is highly unlikely, our QC is quite rigorous! However, if a piece has slipped through - and it almost never happens - then it's certainly not normal. Do send us a picture of the piece after you have completed the assembly with the remaining pieces. We'll send you a replacement piece or recall the whole kit. Contact pradeep.nair@ubyld.com.


Curently our focussed area is only within Bangalore. 

  • Applicable for uByld DIY Kits
    • We usually dispatch your DIY Kit by the 15th working day from today and your uByld kit should reach you by the 16th or the 17th working day within Bangalore.
    • Products are delivered only within Bangalore.
  • Applicable for our Pre-Assembled range of vByld furniture
    • vByld Pre-assembled products are delivered within the 15th working day from the date of order.
    • Products are delivered only within Bangalore
    • Delivery beyond 1st floor of a building where service lift is unavailable will be charged extra at the time of delivery
    • THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT Do ensure that the product/unit will fit into your doorways/passageways/lift. Our personnel do not carry ropes/slings to hoist furniture to higher floors and it would have to carried via stairways or a service lift when available. 
  • Our working days are from Monday to Friday - barring any major holidays that fall in between. 

We work with our logistics partners, who compute the cost of delivery based on the volumetric weight of the product being shipped. The prices that you see are specialized rates for uByld, and we are constantly working towards offering you the best prices.

We hope it never comes to that! However, if for some reason you do wish to cancel your order, then please send your cancellation request within 24 hours of order placement. We would not be able to issue refunds, if applicable, for cancellation requests after 24 hours of order placement.

Our process works in a way where our master woodworkers begin the crafting right away, and we pay them in advance. A cancellation would mean cancelling their payment.

For a cancellation request within 24 hours of order placement we could refund the amount paid after deducting the transaction fees or issue a coupon in exchange (valid for 2 months). Please contact maker@uByld.com for details.

As a policy, we do not accept return requests after 24 hours of delivery acknowledgement. If you have received a kit that is broken or damaged, then please preserve the original packaging, take a photograph of the damaged piece and send us an email at maker@uByld.comwithin 24 hours of delivery.


Oops! Sorry, as of now, it is not possible to order gift coupons online. Drop us an email at maker@uByld.com and we'll create a coupon for you.

We are working on giving you gift certificates. Sign up for our newsletter or drop us an email, and we'll keep you posted.


We love that you love our products and want to spread the joy of DIY! We don't have an affiliate program just yet, but it's on the anvil. Drop us an email at maker@uByld.com to get the latest chew on this!


Sure you can! And what's more, we sell planed and sanded planks and beams for you to try out your ideas. uByld it yourself and send us a pic. If our designers haven't thought about it already, and if we select your design for our range, then we'll have a surprise for you. Note that product designs, once submitted for our consideration, do become our intellectual property. This is just to avoid any legal wrangles - we'd rather just build stuff, isn't it?


I love the touch and feel of pine! Will you do my interiors for me?

Yes! We encourage using pine for interiors. Drop us an email at maker@ubyld.com or whatsapp us on +91 98457 36237 .  Did you know a pine interior not only looks great but smells great too? In addition, if you have a design that you are inspired by and want it for your piece of heaven, let us know and we'll give you a quote that you cannot resist.

Do you make Restaurant/Office furniture:

Yes we do! We've done up several restaurants in Bangalore, either directly or with a partner. Upcycled pine, besides looking fabulous, works out to be cost effective for your latest venture.  We have happy customers who can vouch for our quality and commitment to on-time delivery. Contact us at maker@ubyld.com. With our design skills and adeptness at using upcycled pine we can make the most awe inspring designs at the most affordable rates that you can find in the market. 

Some awesome resaurants that we've done (partially/fully)

  • Connies - Kamanahalli
  • Once Upon a Flame - HSR layout
  • What's in the Name - HSR layout
  • Desi Kaffino - Jakkur