Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

Quality is the connector in our crafting process, each stage of your hand crafted uByld kit goes through a rigourous Quality Control.

We follow a 4-step Quality Control process:

1. At source - Procurement: Our wood is handpicked from our wood vendors to ensure that the pieces with the best potential are chosen. Bends, cracks and dents are rejected at source. This typically takes us over 4 hours during each procurement cycle.

2. In our workshops - Refining: The refining process involves planing, sanding and cutting the wood locally in our workshops. Any defect that might arise here is rejected by the craftsman who inspects the output from the processing.
About 2-3 hours is cumulatively spent here by the craftsmen and the operations team.

3. In our workshops - Assembly: All items are handcrafted. Meaning, each item is first assembled by hand in our workshop. At this stage, our master carpenter rejects any damaged piece(s) resulting from the actual building process.

4. At our packing place - Post Assembly: At this stage, the disassembly and packing team dismantles each piece manually and checks for structural defects. If a piece needs reworking, it is sent back to the Assembly section.

Our 4-step quality check process ensures that the best quality wood gets into our top quality easy-to-build DIY furniture kits and ready made furniture

For more questions on Quality, visit our FAQ page.