How Does uByld work

How does uByld work

In a nutshell, we make Do It Yourself (DIY) wood furniture and curio kits from upcycled pine wood. You buy the kit online and we deliver them to your doorstep. You follow the ultra easy instructions and the helpful online 3D videos to assemble the furniture. Its easier(much much) than a jigsaw puzzle and is great fun. Involve your kids (with supervision) and its a great activity to sta

Our kits contain everything you need for the activity - clearly marked pre-drilled wood components(no drilling required whatsoever), screws, screwdriver, glue (Fevicol) and an awesome instruction guide to help you along. The guide even has a smart QR code, which when scanned with your smartphone, will load a 3D view of the furniture that you are going to build!

We highly recommend that you call a friend or partner to join you in this seriously fun activity. The conversation and the bonding that happens when uByld is phenomenal!

Here's our little take on how uByld can be Serious Fun. "Serious" because you end up with lovely furniture and curios for your home...and you are guaranteed to have loads of Fun while building our kits. Play the video to see how