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Ubyld Wood - Pack -O-8S

Ubyld Wood - Pack -O-8S

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*Delivery Available in Bangalore Region Only

uByld Pack-o-8s - Wood for project/crafts - is what the hardcore DIYer and crafters crave. Pack-o-8 is a select pack of our finest upcycled pine planed and sanded(twice sanded) to a smooth finish.
You Pack-o-8s will contain 8 pieces of wood in the following dimensions:
- Four - 36 inches or 3 feet planks of 3.5 inches width and of 0.5 inch thickness
- Four - 24 inches or 2 feet planks of 3.5 inches width and of 0.5 inch thickness

What can you do with these 8 pieces:
- Byld a few of our uByld designs on your own Say our uByld Picket, uByld Bacchus, uByld Vino, uByld Trays, uByld Brew etc
- Cut the boards to a smaller dimension and use it to make name plates
- Use it as sign boards for your home
- Try your hand at pyrography
- Wood etching
- Cut into smaller pieces and make simple doll house furniture
- Make birdhouses, mail boxes, small shelves and jewellery boxes
- Make functional furniture like stools and low seater coffee table
- Paint neat stuff on the wood and gift or upsell it on the various upcycle markets
- A DIYer know no bounds, all you need is easy access to the raw material (which is where we at uByld come in) and some basic tools

Tools that you may require:
- Stains
- Glue
- Hand saws/Axel blade saws
- Hand drill/power drills
- Varnish/Touchwood or other surface protectants
- Nails/screws/clamps
All these are available in your nearest hardward shops and will be soon available here on your favorite DIY site as well

Word of advice from Manish our chief maker
- All woodworking requires caution. Wearing protective gear - Gloves, goggles, masks are mandatory
- Do not allow kids, specially tiny tots near your DIY area. Wood splinters, nails poke and hammers tend to hurt. It's great to encourage children to learn a DIY skill, but only under supervision
- Watch out for pets getting to wood pieces and other hardware. Keep them away, don't forget to play with them later though... :-)
- My wisdom from years of experience - remember my personal DIY mantra - Measure Twice and cut once. This'd keep you going for a long time, make you efficient at planning and saving material
- We are here for you - ask us a question on Want access to one of our plans? Ask nicely and we just might share it with you

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns

1. Cities the product will be delivered to?

Limited to Bangalore. Do let us know[] if you pincode does not come in the list of serviced areas and we'll see what we can do. 

You can also drop us a mail with the following information:

  • Name
  • Delivery Address with pincode
  • Product that you want to buy and its color/mode/size 

We could then place an offline order via the backend and send out a payment link to you to confirm the order.

2. Shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all products on Custom furniture/customized requirements may attract additional shipping charges

3. How long does the delivery take?

Approximately 10-12 working days from the date of order for the DIY kits and 12-15 days( 3 weeks) for the ready made furniture 

4. How to track my order?

We strive to deliver all products within 10 days. If we expect delay in delivering the product, we'll proactively call or email you to inform about the delay. If you ever feel the need to reach us, please write to

5. What to check when the furniture is delivered?

Compare the number of pieces of each component in the package to the checklist provided.

Wood has natural qualities such as differing grain patterns, minimal stain differences and wood knots (wood knots seen on product are assessed to ensure it does not structurally impact the product are left unfilled to retain the natural look). Differing grain patterns and stains are generally acceptable on wood products.

Once the product is delivered, we will be able to honour complaints only with regard to manufacturing defects.

6. What if I receive a damaged piece?

All products are handmade and quality checked before being sent your way. However, if any piece is damaged, please write to us at, we'll come back to you with a solution within 2 working days.

Should you recieve the package in a damaged condition, please take a picture of the package before you open it. In the event the Kit components are damaged as well, please drop us the pictures of both the package and the broken component to We'll resolve the problem

7. Can I cancel the order after making payment or upon receiving the delivery?

As our products are hand made on Order, in principle, we do not offer exchanges (unless the product is damaged and we are unable to replace the piece) and refunds for order cancellations. However, please do write to and we'll listen to you to understand your case.

Care Instructions

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